Christmas Bazaar 2013

Danish Lutheran Church of Toronto
Saturday, Nov. 16 2013

To experience a Danish Christmas Bazaar like the one just held at the Danish Lutheran Church in Toronto is a must – and trust me when you have been there once you will want to repeat the experience again and again. Yes, it is crowded – yes, you have to line up just to get in and when you have finally purchased your Open Faced Danish Sandwiches you might have trouble finding a place to sit down and enjoy them. BUT it is all worth it or people wouldn’t want to come back year after year.
For the people working the booths it is a culmination of months and months of preparations – some (I have heard) practically live in the Church the week leading up to the Bazaar.

Anyway – judge for yourself – my husband Bob Murrell recorded it all with his camera – so you can either re-live the bazaar or see what I mean for yourself.

Merry Christmas and all the Best in the New Year to all of you.
-Jenni Murrell

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