2019 Society Flower Show Rules

1.   Exhibitors must be current members of the Innisfil Garden Club/Gilford & District Horticultural Society.
2.   Exhibitor is responsible for:
a.  Entry tag attached to exhibits.
b.  Entry sheet listing entries corresponding to tags to be given to the Flower Show Recorder.
c.  Placing exhibits in correct position – if in doubt ask for help from an assistant.
3.   The revised OHA Judging Standards for Horticulture and Floral Design (#34) will be followed. The decision of the Judges shall be final. Any protest must be in writing and submitted to the Show Chair within 7 days of the event.
4.   No exhibit will be awarded a 1st, 2nd, 3rd or H.M.  place if, in the opinion of the Judges, it      does not merit it, even if there is only one entry in a class.
5.   In the specimen class, the exhibitor must grow all flowers. When a specific number of a variety is called for, the exact number must be shown or the entry will be disqualified. A bud showing colour is considered a bloom.
6. All Houseplants must have belonged to the exhibitor for at least three (3) months and only exhibited once per year.
7.   In the design class, there will be sections: ‘A’ (Advanced), ‘B’ (Beginners). Beginners are eligible for this class until the end of the year in which they have earned 20 points including a first place. Material used in designs may come from any source. Endangered and protected species must not be used. Artificial plant material and dyed fresh material is not permitted. Plants in soil are not allowed except in Special Exhibit.
8.   In the fruit and vegetable class, all entries must be placed on plates, these will be provided.
9.   Awards are presented at the November Annual General Meeting.

Point System for Awards

  • First Place – 5 Points, 
  • Second Place – 3 Points, 
  • Third Place – 2 Points,
  • Honourable Mention – 1 point

‘Best in Show’ (must be selected from 1st place entries) – 5 points.
‘Judge’s Choice’ (need not be a 1st place winner) – 3 points.

*Once a design has been placed by the exhibitor it may not be touched or moved by anyone but the exhibitor.