Photos by Mona Rea and Verna Sawyer
Text by Mona Rea

Beautification is one of the most satisfying jobs we have in the society. It is always nice to see visual beauty in reward for a job well done!
The first two pictures are from the front of the Churchill Community Centre and Traffic Court, where we hold our meetings. In addition to shrubs, trees and perennials that are there every year we plant a variety of annuals. This year the choice was Cosmos ‘Carioca’, Salvia ‘Blue Victoria’ and ‘White Victoria’ and dwarf Marigold in bi-tone red and gold.

1-IMGP0086The first picture is of the garden to the South of the entrance2-IMGP0089This second picture is of the garden to the North of the entrance

3-IMGP0091The slope garden was originally half the size. Enlarging it was our original Innisfil Communities in Bloom project in the early 2000’s, with the addition of large rocks, shrubs, ornamental grasses and perennials. These plantings were selected for their low water needs. Annuals were included until the shrubs and other permanent plants filled in.

4-IMGP0078Orm Membry Park on the West side of Everton Drive in Gilford was a garden started long ago by our society and we still plant it today.
It was renovated quite a few years ago to include the wooden sign and Barberry Shrubs and a Spirea ‘Shibana’ fronting the sign flanked by ‘Autumn Joy’ Sedum. The annuals selected this year were the same as at the Churchill Community Centre. The cattails are living in the ditch on the roadside.

5-IMGP0080This is the Innisfil in Bloom garden outside the South Innisfil Arboretum fence on the North East corner of Shore Acres Drive.
Last year there was a Gilford sign straddling this garden, but for some reason is was moved to the railroad tracks by the town.
Backed by ‘Karl Forster’ ornamental grass and a Spirea in pink the garden was planted in mixed dwarf Snapdragons surrounded by pink and red Begonias.

6-IMGP0082The Innisfil in Bloom garden on Gilford Road to the West of the Gilford United Church. A historical plaque was installed by the Innisfil Historical Committee this year and is an interesting read.
Backed by ‘Autumn Joy’ Sedum the front is planted with mixed dwarf French Marigolds and red Begonias.

7-IMGP0084The Fennels Corner Innisfil Communities in Bloom bed on the North East corner of Yonge Street and Gilford Road.
It is planted with mixed Snapdragons surrounded by purple Petunias, yellow French Marigolds and cut-leaf Dusty Miller.


There are other Community in Bloom gardens throughout the town planted by other committee members.

The Scree garden on Yonge Street just North of the Churchill Community Centre and the small garden under the Maple tree at the Churchill Library – both are projects of Anne Kell.

Other sites are the corner garden outside Cellar Wines and the large garden at the road by the Beer Store in Stroud.

There are also gardens and planters at Leonard’s Beach and on Big Bay Point Road.

If you are interested in helping with planting, please talk to Mona Rea, innisfil Communities in Bloom Chair and member of your executive.