2015 Annual General Meeting and Pot Luck Supper

Our Annual General Meeting 2015 took place on Sunday, November 15, 2015

Photos taken by Bob Murrell, Jenni Murrell, Mona Rea and Miriam King, Bradford Times

10-2015-11-26Our Certificate showing that the Gilford & District Horticultural Society was recognized as a society on May 31, 1979.
Photo Boards showing all of our Past Presidents and Life Time members.
A display of Flower Show Awards and Photo Board showing the winners in 2015

12-2015 AGM6While the kitchen is getting ready for the Pot Luck Supper early arriving members and guests are enjoying the displays

13-2015-11-152Linda Crome did a fabulous job decorating the Pot Luck table and the two columns by the podium. Dinner is being put out.

1-2015 AGM4President Lucy Valente welcomed and introduced our distinguished guests and members.
She gave us some instructions on the centerpiece draw and the survey placed on each table and spoke about our sadness of having lost the founder of our society, Lila Bell, recently.
Eveline Teras led us in singing OH CANADA and gave the blessing before dinner.

11-2015 AGM5The Pot Luck Dinner about to begin

1-2015 AGM9Then we got down to business and reports for 2015 were given by President Lucy Valente Treasurer Mary Brown, Secretary Marilyn Elliott was not able to attend so Mona Rea read the minutes from last year’s AGM.

1-2015-11-153Eveline Teras gave a short speech about entering the Photo Competition.
Flower Show Chair Jenni Murrell gave a short speech and then she and Flower Show Recorder Agnes More took care of giving out the Flower Show Awards with the help of Mona Rea and Linda Becic.

05-2015 AGM2Mona Rea (last year’s winner) presented Verna Sawyer with the Award for the Best Peony in Show.
Mary Brown presented Mona Rea with the Award and Gift Certificate for the Largest Spanish Onion given by Lakeview Gardens in Lefroy. (The winner, Mario Rea, was unable to attend). Mario’s onion weighed 1000g, Jenni Murrell’s 676g and Verna Sawyer’s 450g.
Debbie Ryan presented Victor Foster with the Award for Overall Points for Rose Shows. Victor won with 30 points, Judith Matchett has 16 points and Eveline Teras 15 points

06-2015-11-15Eveline Teras (last year’s winner) presented Victor Foster with The Best Rose Memorial Award.
Art Harper presented Jenni Murrell with Award for the Best Lily in Show
Eveline Teras (last year’s winner) presented Jenni Murrell with the Award for the Best Iris.

1-2015 AGM7Former Mayor of Innisfil, Barb Baguley presented the Award for Most Points for in Houseplants to Diane Sykes. Diane scored 42 points, Jenni Murrell 27 points and Linda Becic 12 points.
Agnes More presented Linda Becic with the Award for Most Points in Flower Design “B”. Linda won with 36 points, Ruth Matchett came second with 5 points.
Linda Becic presented Judith Matchett with the Annual Rose and Flower Show Most Fragrant Rose Award.

2-2015 AGM3Debbie Ryan (last year’s winner) presented Mary Brown with the Award for The Best Chrysanthemum.
Jenni Murrell presented Mona Rea (standing in for her husband Mario Rea) with the Award for Most Points in Vegetables. Mario Rea won with 71 points, Jenni Murrell came 2nd with 64 points and Mary Brown 3rd with 52 points.
President Lucy Valente presented Jenni Murrell with the Award for Overall points in Flower Show Specimens. Jenni came first with 190 points, Eveline Teras second with 162 points and Marilyn Elliott third with 142 points.

14-DSC03321Ruth Bolt, Past President and Life Time Member of our society, never missing a chance to make a speech (her own words) presented Jenni Murrell with the Award for Most Points in Floral Design ‘A’. To make sure she was heard the mike was handed to her by Agnes More.
Jenni Murrell won with 58 points, Agnes More came second with 51 points and Eveline Teras came third with 21 points

01-DSC03335The Flower show Committee of 2015
Mary Brown, Linda Becic, Mona Rea, jenni Murrell and Agnes More

1-DSC03360Agnes More presented Photo Competition Convener Eveline Teras with the Award for Most Points in Photography. Eveline won with 23 points, Mona Rea, Zariina Roncone and Diane Sykes all came 2nd with 20 points and Sharon Wice came 3rd with 19 points

04-2015 AGM1Mary Brown presented Judith Matchett, a Past President, with the President’s Award for her ‘Outstanding Contribution in Many Years of Successful Plant Sales’.
President Lucy Valente presented Ruth Matchett with a Recognition Certificate for ‘Her many years of service to our Society’.

03-2015 AGMEveline Teras, Judith Rogers, Debbie Ryan and Betty Lou Flear were each presented with 15 year Society Service Pins.
Nancy Elder and Gail Van Berkel (not able to attend Sharon Wice receiving on her behalf) were presented with a Recognition Certificate for their many years of ‘Manning the Bake Sale Booth at our Plant Sale’

02-DSC03373The newly minted Executive for 2016.
From the left: Verna Sawyer, Mona Rea, Linda Crome, Betty Lou Flear, Jenni Murrell, Linda Becic, Mary Brown (Treasurer) and Lucy Valente (President). Our Secretary Marilyn Elliott was unable to attend.
Judith Rogers installed the Executive Committee on behalf of Russ Talbut our district 16 Director, who was unable to attend due to illness.