2016 July General Meeting and Flower and Rose Show

On this Visitor Night our speaker Marion Jarvis spoke on  ‘Hardy Gems for Ontario Gardens’ and she had a very attentive audience.

We had 80 entries and 13 exhibitors in our flower and Rose Show. In July 2014 we had 146 entries and 120 in 2015. I think Mother Nature has a lot to do with that
– a cold long spring – NO RAIN – and now we are all melting –
what was entered was beautiful and our designs to die for – I just can’t get over the imagination put into the designs with wood – congratulations to you all – you are doing a super job!

7-2016 July Flower and Rose Show1Mona Rea won 1st place and the Award for the Best Rose with her Shrub Rose, Agnes More won 1st place and Best in Show with her diagonal design named ‘Summer Glory’ and Marilyn Elliott won 1st place and ‘Judge’s Choice’ with her Heuchera entry named ‘Green Envy’

1-P1030295Floral Design A – ‘Summer Glory’, a diagonal design
Back Row from left: Eveline Teras won 3rd place, Agnes More won 1st place and Jenni Murrell won 2nd place
Front Row from left: Mona Rea won Honourable Mention, the next entry is a mystery entry – we have no idea who put it in as there is no entry sheet for it – if you know whose it is please let us know, the last entry is Linda Becic’s

2-P1030296Floral Design A – ‘Woodland Awakening’, a design incorporating wood
From left: Jenni Murrell won 2nd place, Agnes More, Linda Becic, Mona Rea won 1st place

width="625"continued: Eveline Teras won 3rd place

5-2016-07-15Design B – ‘Woodland Awakening’, a design incorporating wood and ‘Summer Glory’, a diagonal design – Verna Sawyer won 1st place in both

4-P1030310Our judges Gwen Beacock and Catherine Verlaan both came from the Elmvale Horticultural Society. Linda Becic (in the background) going with the judges

6-2016 July Flower and Rose ShowAwards for the The Best Lily in Show and  for the Annual Rose and Flower Show Most Fragrant Rose were not given out as there were not three entries entered.
1st place in the Lily category were given to Jenni Murrell and 2nd place to Linda Becic
(Jenni apparently went out every day to get rid of the Red Lily Beetle and her off-springs)
The only entry in the Most Fragrant Rose category was entered by Mona Rea

2-2016 July Flower and Rose Show3The Rose entries
From the left: Rose, any colour 1st place Victor Foster, Miniature Rose, any colour 1st place Victor Foster.
Top right: 1st place Eveline Teras, bottom: 1st place Mona Rea

1-2016-07-151Entries from the Any Other Perennial categories, Heuchera and Hydrangea

8-2016 July Flower and Rose Show2Entries from the Black Eyed Susan, Delphinium and Echinacea categories