Garden Tour 2012

Welcome to My Garden
Saturday, July 14, 2012
Enjoy a summer day in the country visiting a variety of interesting gardens. We have arranged for you to view 7 gardens that are newly designed, easy maintained, traditional, shade wood lands, waterfront, large and small properties with well-established beds plus***our ‘TREE GARDEN’ at the South Innisfil Arboretum where many specimen trees have been planted on the 9 acre site. Other attractions at the Arboretum include a Gazebo, a 34 foot Totem Pole and garden beds of perennials, grasses and a ‘Water Wise’ garden. You may bring your lunch and enjoy the facilities at the Arboretum.

For further information go to:***While you are in the area, don’t miss a visit to the Annual Herbal Open House at Lakeview Gardens, a family-owned garden centre, who carry fine quality herbs, annuals and perennials. They invite you to stroll through their own spectacular English-style perennial beds and formal herb garden. Enjoy free samples of herbal treats. For more information go to:***$10 tickets and route maps with full descriptions and directions are available from the following locations and contacts:

Lavender Floral, 7905 Yonge Street, Unit 6, Stroud – 705-436-1322
Steeples, 6288 Yonge Street, Churchill – 705-456-9267
Yours Truly Country Store, 5417 Yonge Street, Fennel’s Corner – 905-778-8829
People’s Credit Union, 8034 Younge Street, Stoud
M & M Meats, 1070 Innisfil Beach Road, Innisfil

Mona Rea took approximately 146 on the Garden Tour as I (Jenni Murrell – Webmaster) was unable to go. Together we have picked 4 pictures from each garden and have collaborated on the text. Thank you for your help, Mona.

The WELCOME TO MY GARDEN sign was put out in front of all the gardens we were showing.

The Fullers garden at 1985 Innisfil Beach Road, Innisfil, has a spectacular front garden. It is always a joy to see as you drive by.

This picture shows you how beautiful different textures and shades of green can be.

A beautiful little pond with an over arching bridge, and the trickling sound of water leads to the rear of the property.

The back garden is just as beautiful as the front. Here you see a birdhouse overlooking the colourful flowers below.

Marilyn Elliott's garden at 2191 25th Sideroad in Innisfil is a well established garden with perennials planted over the past 5 years. The path to the back of the house is her pride and joy, she spent many hours working on it leading up to the garden tour.

Marilyn has a good mixture of plants for colour and texture with the occasional ornament.

Here is another excellent mix.

She loves her hostas and has more than 20 varieties and a complete range of heuchera with many shades of colourful leaves.

The O'Rourke's garden at 2190 Wards Lane in Innisfil has been in the works for about 15 years. This path leads you around the house to the front and on the way you will see how Kim is addicted to hostas.

The pond in the back garden is full of fish and frogs.

Here again you see colour, texture and whimsical ornaments.

Kim and her husband Steve have worked hard the last several months making a lot of changes. I wonder if they got to use the hammock and the colourful chairs by the fire pit (not in the picture). The barrel by the door has waterplants in it.

The Walters garden at 2035 St. John's Road in Innisfil has lots of different areas of interest. Here are a couple of birdhouses in and around masses of flowers.

The cat on the bicycle in front of the hostas can only please the eyes.

The pond setting greets you with whimsical sculptures.

A lovely seating area.

Frank and Sharon Wice's garden at 966 Church Street has been in the works since 1997. This picture shows the garden in front of the house with a lovely False Cypress at the corner.

One of the rustic birdhouses in the garden.

Shade in this garden is provided by majestic old mature trees surrounded by a man made valley. There is a small fish pond with native plants and fountain attracting many song birds for your enjoyment.

The rustic shed in the back of the garden really adds to the whole setting.

Judith Matchett's garden is just a skip up the street at 949 Church Drive. Judith has a newly planted garden on sand and gravel. In it is an abundance of trees and newly planted shrubs creating a base for an English Garden.

Drought tolerant Globe Thistle adds it's unique structure to the front garden.

Raised beds are used to give substantial growth. Judith has mass planted the raised vegetable garden hoping to reap her rewards.
These lovely flowers are Dahlias.

She has a unique water garden in the back of the garden.

Lakeview Gardens at 1712 Killarney Beach Road is a three generation family owned establishment. The red Hollyhock in the front of the house is just an indication of what is to come when you stroll through their garden.

This little frog enjoys the peaceful pond to the right of the back steps. You will encounter several other small animals in and around the garden.

The flowers and plants flanking the back steps leading up to the house are a joy to behold.

A small section of the extensive English style perennial garden.

Ornaments in gardens should alway look as if they belong - and I think this picture speaks volumes.

John and Linda Crome's garden at 1334 Shore Acres Drive is located just a short distance from the Arboretum.
These red Petunias are a sure fire attractant of hummingbirds.

I love the looks of this three tiered arrangement of impatiens.

A red lily in among the hostas.

The Cromes have been working hard to finish all the beds that Linda has planted using a yellow theme.
The small ornamental swing bench displays potted flowers delightfully.

The Water Wise Garden in the South Innisfil Arboretum.

To see more pictures and learn about our beautiful "Tree Garden" go to: