2016 Spring Flower Show and Social Tea

It rained cats and dogs outside when we had our annual Spring Flower Show and Social Tea on Saturday, May 14th but members and guests barely noticed having such a good time at lunch and viewing the flower show tables. (it is hard to believe – but it snowed the next morning).

This year we had 123 entries (24 more than last year) and the Judge, Letty Barolet from the Alliston & District Horticultural Society declared that we had totally outdone ourselves with our flower designs this year and that she had a really hard time deciding the winners.

Photos by Mona Rea, Bob Murrell and Jenni Murrell

01-2016-05-14Double whammy number one:
Jenni Murrell won 1st place and ‘Best in Show’ with her design: ‘Sunburst’, a creative design (left) and 1st place and ‘Judge’s Choice’ with ‘In Full Bloom’, a modern topiary design (right)

02-2016-05-141Double Whammy number two:
Debbie Ryan won 1st place and The Best King Alfred Daffodil Award (left) and
1st place and ‘Best in Show’ with her fabulous Phalaenopsis Orchid (right)

03-2016-05-142Double Whammy number three:
Eveline Teras won the Best Tulip in Show Award with her beautiful bi-colour tulip and
1st place and ‘Judge’s Choice’ with her mini purple Iris

width="625"The Judge Letty Barolet (right) and the Flower Show Committee at work – from left Agnes More, Linda Becic and Jenni Murrell

09-P1030144Design A: ‘Tip Toe through the Tulips’, a design
(left) Jenni Murrell – Honourable Mention, Agnes More – 2nd place, Linda Becic – Honourable Mention, Marilyn Elliott – 3rd place, Mona Rea 1st place and in the background Eveline Teras – Honourable Mention

10-P1030145Design A: ‘Sunburst’, a creative design
(left) Agnes More – 2nd place, Jenni Murrell – 1st place, Eveline Teras – Honourable Mention, Linda Becic – 3rd place, Marilyn Elliott – Honourable mention

11-P1030146Design A: ‘In Full Bloom’, a modern topiary design
(left) Agnes More – 3rd place, Jenni Murrell – 1st place, Marilyn Elliott – Honourable Mention, Eveline Teras – Honourable Mention and Linda Becic – 2nd place

12-P1030154I wonder if this is the classic stance judges adopt when they are thinking
(left) Jenni Murrell and Letty Barolet

04-2016-05-143Mona Rea won a well deserved 1st place with her design ‘Tip Toe through the Tulips’ and Angela Simmons won a 1st place with her Mandevilla houseplant in a Special Youth Exhibition


Debbie Ryan won 1st place with her Collection of mixed, cut spring flowers and/or flowering branches (left). Verna Sawyer won 1st place with her rhubarb and Jenni Murrell won 2nd place with her asparagus (centre). Diane Sykes won 1st place with her Succulent Collection. (right)

06-2016-05-16At the Social Tea we were treated to delicious sandwiches, cakes and cookies and tea was served in fancy teacups

07-2016-05-145Members and guests alike were enjoying the tea party. Our guests included the President Janis Hamilton from Oro-Medonte Horticultural Society and Lynn Schnitter, Mary Veale-Parker, Halina Graham and Ron Beaumont from Painswick Horticultural Society

width="625"A view of the beautiful and fragrant tulips and daffodils

width="625"Linda Crome, Diane Sykes and Ritva Heath enjoying the show