2015 September Fall Flower and Vegetable Show

Maureen Naylor was our judge for the day and she was kept busy judging 142 entries entered by 12 exhibitors

7-2015 September Show3Mario Rea again won the Award for the Largest Spanish Onion and Gift Certificate from Lakeview Gardens in Lefroy. His onion weighed in at 1000g, Jenni Murrell came 2nd with 676g and Verna Sawyer 3rd with 450g3-2015 September ShowBest in Show: Mona Rea for her Collection of Perennials and Jenni Murrell for her line design ‘High Society’

5-2015 September Show1Judge’s Choice: Jenni Murrell for her yellow Austin Rose and Mario Rea for his Display of Vegetables on a Tray

2-P1020404Design A – ‘Romance’, an Underwater Design
Left: Agnes More (2nd), Eveline Teras (Honourable Mention), Marilyn Elliott, Mona Rea (3rd) and Jenni Murrell (1st)

1-P1020406Design A – ‘High Society’, a line design
Left: Agnes More (3rd), Eveline Teras, Jenni Murrell (1st), Mona Rea (Honourable Mention) and Marilyn Elliott (2nd)

6-2015 September Show2Marilyn Elliott with her ‘High Society’, line design and Agnes More with her ”Romance’, an underwater design

9-2015 September Show5Marilyn Elliott enjoying a ‘cuppa’ and Judith Matchett helping Edith Fletcher and Ruth Bolt at the ‘light lunch’ table

4-2015 September Show6Judith Rogers, Eleanor Beatty, Joy Morley and Ruth Matchett are all enjoying their lunch

8-2015 September Show4Our President, Lucy Valente with her first place Kale, Mary Brown getting ready to sell lunch tickets, Eveline Teras putting her last few entries on the show table and Verna Sawyer and Agnes More looking after the flower show desk