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Our Society has been around since 1979. The list of members has changed greatly over the years, but fortunately we still have a few members who date back to 1979. We are a very diverse group of people with members from all walks of life, life experiences, knowledge and what have you. I believe you can get an answer to almost anything you want to know, if you ask.

Our motto is to have fun, laugh and enjoy whatever we are doing.

Most of our members are of the female kind, but the menfolk and the younger generation are beginning to show up at the meetings, realizing that we have fun, some darn good speakers and a well stacked coffee and snack table – and last but not least a chance to compete in the Flower and Vegetable Shows, Floral Designs and, at the end of the year, in the Photo Competition.

You can be a member who shows up at general meetings, listens to our speakers and enjoys our coffee or you can be a member who joins in, helps out and participates in everything that we have going. Whatever you do, do yourself a favour and become a member.

If the above got your attention, and you want to know more, click on Meetings, Activities, Newsletters or any other button above and see what happens.

2-2013 photos for Lucy2

Pictures from various general meetings – bottom left Verna Sawyer receiving her Recognition Certificate from President Marilyn Elliott.

1-2013 photos for Lucy1

We eat well at our meetings – these pictures are taken at the Spring Flower Show in May and the Fall Flower and Vegetable Show in September – you wont want to miss these Saturday events this year – imagine having Tea and Light Lunch in the midst of beautiful and fragrant flowers, vegetables and herbs with all your friends

3-2013 Flower Show

A collection of designs – see how small a mini design actually is and meet one of our judges Letty Barolet and her student judge Lynn Schnitter

4-2013 Flower Show1The displays of vegetables and herbs were amazing and the competition for growing the largest Spanish onion is getting more intense – You get a Gift Certificate and an Award from Lakeview Garden if you win

5-2013 Flower Show2
A medley of members who have participated in the Flower Shows in 2013 – they have all won a ribbon, got ‘Best in Show’ or ‘Judge’s Choice’ or won an award with their entry. Top row from left: Ruth Matchett, Judith Matchett, a collection of Gladiolus, Jenni Murrell, Ida Sorensen, Jenni Murrell and Nancy Elder


Are you an active member,
the kind that would be missed?
Or are you just contented
that your name is on the list?
Do you attend the meetings
and mingle with the flock?
Or do you stay at home
and criticize and knock?
Do you ever go to visit
a member who is sick?
Or leave the work to just a few
and talk about the clique?
There’s quite a programme scheduled
that I’m sure you’ve heard about
And we’ll all appreciate it
if you’ll come and help us out.
So come to the meetings often
and help with hand and heart –
Don’t be just a member,
dig in do your part.
Think this over, member;
you know right from wrong –
Are you an active member,
or do you just belong.

– Author Unknown –