2012 AGM Awards

2013 New AGM The awards in this collage are presented to (top left) Eveline Teras by Ida Sorensen, Sharon Wice by Cathy Reid and Lucy Valente by Agnes More (second row left) Sharon Wice by Judy White (third row left) Ida Sorensen by Diane Sykes, Marilyn Elliott by Betty Lou Flear and Joan Harper by Billie Gill.

Overall Points in Flower
Show Specimens
Gilford & District
Horticultural Society
Jenni Murrell
Most Points in
Floral Design "A"
Sherie Britnell,
Lavender Floral
Jenni Murrell
Most Points in
Floral Design "B"
Major and GillLucy Valente
Overall Points for
Rose Shows
Ida SorensenVictor Foster
Most Points for VegetablesNorma Boddy of GDHSMario Rea and
Eveline Teras
Overall Points in HouseplantsGrant Andrade,
1st Mayor of Innisfil
Jenni Murrell
Best King Alfred
Gilford & District
Horticultural Society
Jenni Murrell
Best IrisThe Teras Lepinski
Judith Matchett
Best Peony in ShowCathy ReidJudith Matchett
Best Oriental Lily AwardMargaret MajorBrenda Wauchope
Best Rose Memorial AwardThe Gilligan FamilyVictor Foster
Annual Rose and Flower Show
Most Fragrant Rose Award
Jeff (Hathaway)
& Grandchrildren
Victor Foster
Best Gladiola AwardThe Matchett FamilyJudith Matchett
Best Chrysanthemum
Presented by Frank Ferragine/
Donated by GDHS
Jenni Murrell
Largest Spanish OnionLakeview GardensMario Rea
Original Painting AwardKathryn BuryJudith and Glenn Rogers
President's AwardGDHS PresidentArt Harper
President's AwardGDHS PresidentJudith Matchett
Service CertificateOHAnot awarded
Recognition CertificateGDHS Awards CommitteeMona Rea
Recognition CertificateGDHS Awards CommitteeBill Hubbard

2013 New AGM1

Jenni Murrell won 6 awards at the AGM – presented to her (top row left) by Phyllis Caulton, Her Honour, Mayor Barb Bagely and Eveline Teras (second row left) President, Judith Matchett, Debbie Ryan and Johanna Chudzinski – but

Oda Barlow is still the Queen of the flower Shows
with 7 awards in 2002 and 5 awards in 2003
Jenni is the first runner up with 5 awards in 2011 and 6 awards in 2012
Johanna Chudzinski is the second runner up with 6 awards in 1998 and
Luise Alle is the third runner up with 5 award in 1992

Agnes More, Flower Show Recorder was in charge of this part of the evening.


2013 New AGM2
President, Judith Matchett presented Marilyn Elliott (top left) and Betty Lou Flear (botton second) with the President’s Award – Eveline Teras (botton left) was presented with the Service Certificate from OHA by District 16 Director, Judith Rogers – Johanna Chudzinski and Sharon Wice (top right) were both given a 25 years Society Service Pin and Joy Morley (botton right) received the Original Painting Award done by Kathryn Bury.

Brenda Rea and Verna Sawyer were both awarded a Recognition Certificate – neither were present at the AGM


2013 New AGM3
(Top left) The Social Committee Lucy Valente, Betty Lou Flear and Cathy Reid together with staff member Holly are having a serious discussion in the kitchen. Marilyn Elliott giving her first speech as incoming President and Jenni Murrell, Chair and Recorder of the Flower Show Committee, giving her annual report. (Bottom left) This is the best photo of the newly elected Executive being installed by Judith Rogers, District 16 Director (Janet Mills and Shirley Richard were unable to attend). The stage and botton right Cathy Reid and Lucy Valente smiling at the Camera.