2013 Spring Flower Show & Social Tea

Our May flower show was judged by Letty Barolet and we had a record 20 exhibitors and 168 exhibits.

2013 May Flower ShowOur vendor, Debbie Ryan was selling her famous cards for all occasions and jewellery – Judith Matchett doing her speel on seeding your perennials the easy lazy way, Kim O’Rourke at the membership table, Joan Harper getting ready to explain the doodads and things you need to construct a design and finally Lucy Valente setting the tables for the Social Tea.

2013 May Flower Show1Members and visitors enjoying the social tea and visiting the flower show. Letty Barolet judging the show with Janet Mills taking notes and Jenni Murrell opening the entry tags and placing the ribbons.

2013 May Flower Show2Random pictures of the Flower Show

DSC00751Jenni Murrell won 1st place and the Best King Alfred Award.


Debbie Ryan won 1st and ‘Best in Show’ with her gorgeous collection of mixed, cut spring flowers


Debbie Ryan also won 1st and ‘Best in Show’ with her design: ‘Breakfast’, a Mother’s Day Tray, accessories allowed

2013 May Flower Show5Jenni Murrell (left) won 1st and ‘Judge’s Choice with her Phalaenopsis Orchid and Marilyn Elliott won 1st and ‘Judge’s Choice’ with her by-colour Lily-flowered Tulip

2013 May Flower Show4Design A: ‘Breakfast’, a Mother’s Day Tray, accessories allowed – Agnes More won 2st place (top left), Jenni Murrell 3rd place (top right) and Marilyn Elliott won Honorable Mention (bottom left)

2013 May Flower Show3Design A: ‘Put a Slant on It’, a diagonal design – Agnes More (top left) won 1st place, Marilyn Elliott (top right) won 2nd place, Eveline Teras (botton left) won 3rd place and Jenni Murrell (bottom right) won Honorable Mention

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADesign B: ‘Breakfast’, a Mother’s Day Tray, accessories allowed – Judith Rogers (our brand new designer) won 2nd place


Ruth Matchett won an Honourable Mention with her design


and Lucy Valente also won an Honourable Mention