2013 April Flower Show

The April 2013 Flower Show was judged by Marjorie Bell. We had 33 Exhibits and 10 Exhibitors


Our Flower Show Schedule called for ‘A Tiny Touch’, a dried mini design, no more than 12.7cm (5″) in any direction.

Design A (Advanced): 1st place: Jenni Murrell (third from left) – 2nd place: Marilyn Elliott (fourth from left) and 3rd place to Eveline Teras (second from left).DSC00633


This is how tiny a mini design really is.

It is very important to get the scale and proportions correct in mini designs.





Design B (Beginner): Ruth Matchett won 1st place






Judith Matchett not only won 1st place and ‘Best in Show’ with her succulent plant. She won two more first places and a third place in the houseplant section.

Will she win the award this year? There will be two more shows with houseplant entries.



Our schedule also called for ‘Open Water’, a water viewing design.
Design A (Advanced): 1st place and ‘Judge’s Choice’ went to Jenni Murrell (second from left) – 2nd place Mona Rea (third from left) – 3rd place Marilyn Elliott (first from left) and Honorable Mention Eveline Teras (fourth from left).



Design B (Beginner): 1st place went to Lucy Valente.





Cactus species and cultivars, clumping, columnar or solitary growth – only one in pot.

DSC00609Succulent houseplant, other than cactus – only one in pot.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADSC00610Above two pictures are of: Any other houseplant – one pot

DSC00611And finally: Begonia – one pot

Unfortunately we do not have a picture of the: Hanging houseplant – one pot

and no entries for: Daffodil, King Alfred, yellow trumpet – one scape – the weather is not co-operating – but it is also a category in the Spring Flower Show – so we will find out then who will win the Daffodil Award