2014 October General Meeting and Flower Show

Julie Speelman from Botanix in Barrie and member of our society demonstrated a couple of outdoor arrangements for the holiday season.  I think we are all going home and try to copy them

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJulie  let this one go as a door prize and Mona Rea was the lucky winner

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAClaudette Smith judged our October Flower Show with Michelle Lynch as Trailing Student Judge. It was a pretty amazing show in spite of the late date. We had 57 exhibits and 12 exhibitors

3-2014 October Flower ShowDebbie Ryan won 1st place and the Award for the Best Chrysanthemum

4-2014 October Flower Show1Mary Brown won 1st place and Best in Show with her Dipladenia in the category: “Houseplant in Bloom”

5-2014 October Flower Show2Design A -Eveline Teras won 1st place and Judge’s Choice for her entry  ‘Autumn Tapestry’ – a Pave design.  Jenni Murrell won 2nd place (bottom right, top entry). Agnes More won 3rd place (top right, bottom entry) and Judith Matchett won Honorable Mention (top right, top entry)6-2014 October Flower Show3Design A – Jenni Murrell won 1st place with her entry ‘Cool Nights’ and Eveline Teras won 2nd place

8-2014 October Flower Show5Design B – Linda Becic won 1st place with her entry ‘Autumn Tapestry’ and Ruth Matchett won 2nd place

7-2014 October Flower Show4Judith Rogers and Sheila Allen surrounded by various flower show entries