2014 Fall Flower and Vegetable Show

Letty Barolet judged our Fall Flower and Vegetable Show – she thought it was smaller than last year’s and, yes, it was down by 7 exhibits and 2 exhibitors – still, with the weather we have had this year, I think we did fabulously well with 180 exhibits and 16 exhibitors – but judge for yourselves!!

Judging started promptly at 11 a.m. and a Social Tea with a Light Lunch ($5.00) was served at 12 noon. The Social Committee Lucy Valente, Betty Lou Flear, Ruth Matchett and Judith Matchett outdid themselves once again. Thank You.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Jenni Murrell, Flower Show Chair and Letty Barolet, Judge sharing a laugh and a cup of tea out of Lucy Valente’s exquisite teacups

Miriam King, Innisfil Examiner, commented: “You are the only indoor event I have to do to-day”, poor Miriam, the rain poured down the whole day.

01-2014 Fall Flower ansd Vegetable showDebbie Ryan won 1st place and the Award for the Best Gladiolus

02-2014 Fall Flower ansd Vegetable show1Mario Rea won the Award for the Largest Spanish Onion and a Gift Certificate for $50.00 from Lakeview Gardens (right). Debbie Ryan, Mona Rea, Agnes More and Mary Brown (Flower Show Committee) by the onion exhibit. There was no doubt Mario’s onion was the largest – but we used the scale anyway. Mario’s onion weighed in at 1310g, Mary Brown’s at 704g and Agnes More’s at 604g.

03-2014 Fall Flower ansd Vegetable show2Jenni Murrell won 1st place and Best in Show with her white Straight Cactus Dahlia (left). Letty Barolet in full flight judging the show with Jenni Murrell taking notes (right)

04-2014 Fall Flower ansd Vegetable show3Strange looking vegetables in our Oddball vegetable category (left). Diane Sykes won 1st place and Judge’s Choice with her perfect small carrots (right).

09-2014 Fall Flower ansd Vegetable show8Mary Brown won 1st place with her gorgeous Cosmos and Mario Rea won 1st place with his Display of Vegetables on a Tray.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIs this a battle between the sexes or a scene out of Star Wars????
Diane Sykes and John Craw both grew their zucchini at the Community Garden – I wonder what they used for fertilizer. 08-2014 Fall Flower ansd Vegetable show7Ritva Heath, entering the show for the first time, won a 2nd place with her Dahlia under 4″ and an Honorable Mention with her Dahlia over 4″ (left). A display of Herbs (right).

10-2014 Fall Flower ansd Vegetable show9A view of the vegetables, herbs and grasses (left) and the Queens of the Grasses Jenni Murrell and Mona Rea (right).

05-2014 Fall Flower ansd Vegetable show4Lynn Schnitter won 1st place and Best in Show in Class A with her design “Tall and Slender”, a vertical design. Jenni Murrell won 2nd place (centre), Marilyn Elliott Honorable Mention (top right) and Eveline Teras won 3rd place (bottom right).

06-2014 Fall Flower ansd Vegetable show5Jenni Murrell won 1st place and Judge’s Choice in class A with her design “Warm Days” (right and centre), Marilyn Elliott won 2nd place (bottom left) and Eveline Teras won 3rd place (top left)