Plant Sale 2014


SATURDAY, MAY 30, 2015

Our 2014 Major fundraiser, The Giant Plant Sale and B.B.Q at the South Innisfil Arboretum, took place on Saturday, May 31, 2014 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.  We featured a Bake Table, Raffle Ticket
Sale, Membership Sign Up Table, B.B.Q (Coffee, cold drinks, Peameal Bacon on a bun and sausages) and Vendors with all sorts of crafty and interesting things to sell.

The plant sale brought in $838.80 – the bake sale $376.45 – vendors $240.00 – draw $206.15 – B.B.Q. $296.00 and the equipment/odds and sods the arboretum guys sold $828.70 for a grand total of $2786.10

The winners of the draw are as follows:
Clematis – Nancy Elder
Red Geranium hanging basket – Peg Thuell
Clematis – Jenni Murrell
Large hanging basket – Eleanor Beatty
Ornate bird Feeder – Carol Lowther
Rustic beverage stand – Caroline Cassells
Bird feeder – Myra Morton

Profits from this sale and the B.B.Q Breakfast and Lunch will go a long way to support our Horticultural Society.

Photographer Jenni Murrell

1-2014 Plant SaleGetting organized the day before the Plant Sale is very important – we need to make sure we know what plants we are selling and what we are selling them for – fortunately the weather was with us this year so it turned out to be an enjoyable task with lots of laughter.

Top row from left: Mary Brown, Sue Sessford and Joy Morley –  Mona Rea discussing the plant name with Joy Morley –  Our President, Marilyn Elliott

Bottom left, Jenni Murrell and Mona Rea – Joy Morley showing us the way, Judith Rogers blowing kisses and Mary Brown busy offloading plants – Ruth Matchett and our Convener for the Plant Sale Judith Matchett – and finally by special request Patrick Ryan

2-2014 Plant Sale1The day of the Plant Sale brought us the best weather I can ever remember us having.

Top row from left: The B.B.Q’ers Bob Murrell and Mike Richard with a customer – Debbie Ryan and Jenni Murrell collecting money from the plant sale – The Bake Sale: Nancy Elder, Gail van Berkel and Sharon Wice

Bottom Left: The Kitchen Staff: Ruth Matchett, Betty Lou Flear, Lucy Valente and Shirley Richard

3-2014 Plant Sale2Top left: Sue Sessford under cover at the plant sale – Art Harper getting ready to sell off tools etc.  from the arboretum garage – and surprise they are all smiling Sue Sessford, Debbie Ryan, Judith Matchett, Judith Rogers, Marilyn Elliott and Mary Brown

Bottonm left: Mona Rea selling plants and Joy Morley and Ruth Bolt on the loose

4-2014 Plant Sale3Some of our vendors selling plants, baked goods, cosmetics, wooden crafts and rabbit poo

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