October 2016 General Meeting and Flower Show

1st Reminder – Our last General Meeting and Flower Show is Monday, October 3, 2016 at 7.30 at the Churchill Community Centre (one week earlier than usual because of Thanksgiving long weekend).

Wolfegang Bonham of Peace and Love Landscaping will give us tips on “How to create an Interesting and intriguing Garden”.

2nd Reminder – Please bring in your ‘Volunteer Hours’.

See page number 49 from your Yearbook – please fill in how many volunteer hours you have worked in 2016 and in which categories.
Remember preparations for meetings and hours “working” at the meetings count.
We need to have your hours in well before the AGM as we need them to apply for certain grants etc. – if you can’t make the meeting please e-mail them to: Jenni.murrell@rogers.com

3rd Reminder – Please bring in your photos for the Photo competition.

If you can’t make the meeting the photos will have to be delivered to Eve within a week at 3374 Mason Drive in Innisfil. For further information call Eve at 705-436-4776 or e-mail her at eveteras@hotmail.com

4th Reminder – Motion to change the Public Name of the Gilford & District Horticultural Society to Innisfil Garden Club.

Please cast you ballot at the October meeting or at the AGM. If you can’t make either meeting please mail your ballot to Gilford & District Horticultural Society, Box 73, Lefroy, ON, L0L 1W0.

The ballot is on the last page of the July 2016 Iris – Newsletter or pick up one at the membership desk.

5th Reminder – Our last flower show of the Year – let’s make it great – bring in your Chrysanthemums – you might just win the award – and whatever else is still blooming in your gardens.

Your designs are: ‘Fall Fare’, a design in a basket and ‘Approaching winter’, a horizontal design